Mulitliteracy in the Classroom

Posted by Closed Account on July 6, 2011

This portion of Multiliteracy Revolution will be dedicated to teacher tools for implementing multiliteracies   in the classroom. The list below is a comprehensive and comprised of a variety of websites that offer free resources that students and educators alike can use for implementing technology in the classroom. Each new post on the blog will feature a site from the list and offer a more visual outline of how to use it. The sources where taken from a list of resources for teachers at Kaplan International College in San Francisco.

The Lousy Linguist Linguistics
NY Times Learning Blog Teaching
PrimoPDF Teaching Tools Free PDF Converter
Web 2 PDF Converter Teaching Tools Convert any webpage to PDF
Language Log Linguistics Well-known linguists point out linguistic perspective on current events
Netflix Movies with Subtitles Teaching Tools A list of Netflix InstantWatch titles with English subtitles
Song lyric sites that don’t crash Internet Explorer, Teaching Tools First site allows you to copy and paste; second doesn’t but is more extensive
10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling – comic at The Oatmeal English language Look up comics for “semicolon” and “apostrophe” too
Memorize Now! Teaching Tools The website will insert blanks in any pasted text and provide cues when necessary.
Write a Blues song Teaching Tools This is a fun, interactive website that guides students through creating their “own” Blues s
Word bank of 1200 high frequency words English language
Fun With Grammar online Teaching Tools Must have login
Free Rice English language Improve your vocabulary and donate rice to poor nations at the same time!
Assign-A-Day Teaching Tools Calendar for helping you keep track of homework assignments
Encyclopedia of Life Teaching Tools An online encyclopedia of all species known to man! Can be used for many different types of research projects for students at multiple levels.
Google Battle English language Compare two words or phrases to find out which has more Google hits. Can teach students about word frequencies.
Polyvore – Create your own designer outfit Teaching Tools
Create your own board games Teaching Tools This site allows you to fill in 21 w
Live Mocha ESL
Merriam Website VISUAL Dictionary Online English language
ESL Party Land ESL  My favorite place to explore with the students is the Quiz Center . NO password needed – just hop on it. Good stuff especially with the Slang ,Idioms and Phrasal verb sections. Put students in pairs and have them slog through BAR TALK in the slang section.
Movie Review Website Teaching Tools Each review has a summary of the plot, list of characters, vocab, discussion questions
MiCASE – The Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English English language
The Purdue Online Writing Lab English language
Aesop’s Fables ESL
The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco Teaching Tools
Youth Radio Teaching Tools
Breaking News English Teaching Tools

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