Social Networking as a holistic example of multiliteracies

Posted by rlwalte2 on July 7, 2011

Twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace, Flickr; what do they all have in common?  They are all social networking sites that provide perfect examples to the question ‘what does multileracies look like?’  They all provide capabilities to incorporate sound, images, and text along with movies, video clips, audio bites, and photographs into a unique melange.

In our ever-evolving technologically savvy world, examples of the complex intertwining of various components can be seen in various sources of media, from television to automatic billboards.  One notable example of the way in which humans are experiencing multiliteracies can be taken from the sitcom, ‘How I Met Your Mother’.  The television show often purchases Internet domain names to create inside jokes among the characters.
Each time an episode with one of these particular sites mentioned, the site goes viral and receives hundreds of thousands of viewers to the page. []

The fact that television shows can incorporate websites into their story lines that are then accessed by so many viewers (tied into their laptop computers while watching said program) simultaneously that sites crash,  proves how valuable multiliteracies can be.


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