A Call to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education

Posted by Closed Account on July 16, 2011

I love this video AND THIS WEBSITE!

1. About the source, as a part of the list of resources, and how it can help you to implement new technology and literacy in your class: WWW.TED.COM is a great tool for students. It offers a very wide selection of videos on academic topics, and be used as a great conversation starter. Aside from that it can be used to help ESL learners, as it offers subtitles in nearly any language and an interactive transcript where students can actually go back and click on a part in the script to be automatically redirected to that part in the video as well. Ecxellent for independent study and vocabulary!

2.  About the topic in this particular lecture, some food for thought, and further questions for analyzing this question of multiliteral eductaion and how we can better maximize it for a better world:

       Liz Coleman’s speech is about the need for reform in liberal arts education world-wide. She talks about the obsolete methods used by political leaders to try and push citizens to conform to specific ideologies. She also highlights the gap between the wealth of resources in developed nations and people’s use of them for targeting critical issues in Global education. Her speech truly answers questions about how multiliteral education could improve not just our lives, but even those of people in countries we may have little or no relationship with in our daily lives. Myanmar for example, has endlessly dealt with dictatorships that limit people’s culture and essentially leaves no place for their own medium of literacy so much so that they are forced out of their country only to become stateless individuals flailing around in search of acceptance. The implementation of multiliteral policies in Myanmar would rewire the country entirely and open up a more equal and accepting structure, creating a place for the stateless. My question for you however is …How are you specifically going to use these tools and technologies we are so blessed to have to combat such deep-rooted, and seemingly hopeless educational and political environments we find in our world today. The potential is evident, but what about implementation? How can the decisions and engagements we take part in on micro levels help the world at a macro level?

“But this singlemindedness will not yield the flexibilities of mind, the multiplicity of perspectives, the capacities for collaboration and innovation this country needs. That is where you come in. What is certain is that the individual talent exhibited in such abundance here, needs to turn its attention to that collaborative, messy, frustrating contentious and impossible world of politics and public policy. President Obama and his team simply can not do it alone.”


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