Resource Up-Close: Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Posted by tricialauter on July 18, 2011

A national organization in the United States, Partnership for 21st Century Skills advocates for developing classrooms, schools, and districts that reflect the skills needed to live and work in the global economy. Their website contains several different resources to support schools in their transition to a 21st century educational community. P21 advocates for policies that will also support these schools in their transition. Multiliteracies cross multiple subject areas, and P21’s goal is to “fuse” common core subjects with 21st century skills, including various literacies.

The Mile Guide: Milestones for Improving Learning & Education

A toolkit intended to help school districts develop a plan of improvement, and see it through. With an assessment to determine the steps needed to take for a school district to become a 21st century school. The toolkit also lists definitions of critical skills for students to learn, as well as what supports are necessary from the state and local levels to be successful. This can guide curriculum and policy development, creating a systems that is holistic, rather than individual steps that may not garner the same results.

Video 21   

P21 includes a specific site for videos relating to their mission, with talks and sample lessons spanning 21st century skills, teacher education, assessment, core subjects, and technology. Videos are categorized by topic, with the ability for viewers to comment, rate, and upload their own videos. Live events are also scheduled, such as live webinars, that are eventually archived, allowing viewers to watch them anytime.

Route 21

Another resource within the P21 site includes Route 21. Route 21 is the one stop resource catalog for all 21st century skills within P21. With the ability to search within topics (21st century skills, 21st century support systems, resrources for 21st century skills, and 21st century states), information is quickly found. White papers, graphics, definitions, and resources uploaded by the P21 community are available.


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