Multiliteracies Assessed: Examples from the Field

Posted by tricialauter on July 21, 2011

MLC School: City Experience–The City Experience is an interactive learning experiencing at a middle school in Sydney, Australia. Description of their project on their website states, “The learning that takes place is experiential, collaborative, negotiated, independent and interdependent. It challenges the notion of schooling and indeed of teaching. Students are challenged to respond to a “big question” with some guidance in the form of both written instruction and negotiated discussion. They demonstrate their individual and group learnings at a “learning celebration” held on the last day.”

The City Experience allows students to explore an area that is relevant to their lives, create a knowledge network, accessing and providing feedback to their peers and staff, and present learning through a medium that incorporates multiple literacies.

Auborn Middle School: Anywhere Learning–Students used digital tools to develop literacy, communication, and critical thinking skills. Teachers acted as facilitators, students remained motivated, and learners demonstrated 21st century skills.

21st Century Skills Assessment–A unique assessment that combines multiple choice knowledge-based questions, and authentic performance tasks to assess students’ 21st century skills. Allows for optional portfolio assessment to address skills that are not easily assessed through written portion.



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