Blog Contributors

Rebecca Walters: Hi there!  I live in Michigan and teach at West Middle School.  As the ‘Family & Consumer Science’ educator at my school I service 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  I teach 3 courses: American Foods, Global Foods and Creative Living.  My courses deal with culture, nutrition and food preparation.  My Undergraduate degree is from Central Michigan University.  I love to travel and completed my student teaching experience in Perth, Australia.

Tricia Lauter: Hello! I live in central Illinois and currently work for a special education coop. I am a hearing itinerant teacher and serve students who are deaf/hard of hearing within the rural parts of Champaign County. I currently work with students ranging from Kindergarten to Junior High. I received my undergraduate degree from Illinois State University. I also love to travel and have done extensive volunteer work/teacher training in Liberia.

Maria Mengel: Thank you for visiting our blog!  I live in Eastern Maryland and teach Pk-5 General Music at Pemberton Elementary School.  I received my undergraduate degree in music education from West Virginia University.  In addition to teaching at school, I teach private horn lessons.  I love to run half marathons and I am currently training for my first triathlon.

Natalie Serovy: I’m an ESL teacher and lifelong learner based in San Francisco. I’m orignially from Baltimore Maryland, and I have a BA in Journalism and Spanish. I have done extensive travel in Latin America and Southeast Asia (left my heart in Thailand), and I am interested in music, languages, the wilderness and all new ideas which might improve my own literacies and windows through which to see the world. Happy Blogging!!!”

Nicholas Pelafas: I’m based in Brooklyn, New York where I currently work as an educator, painter, and bike tour guide.  I have an MA in African Studies from the University of Illinois (focus on African linguistics and Pan-African social movements), and I completed my undergraduate education at McGill University in Montreal (majored in African Studies and Political Science, minored in Art History and Russian).  I am interested in multiliteracies as a way to improve our critical thinking and communication abilities in order to create more interconnected and culturally-sensitive dialogues where disparate and diverse young people can work on our generation’s most pressing issues.


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