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Critical Comedy Against Computer Literacy

Posted by nicholaspelafas on July 26, 2011

Comedy has always been an important avenue for expressing criticism and showcasing the redonkulousness of our society, and I can’t tell you how much I have missed Bill Hicks especially during 9/11, the Bush years, and the economic meltdown.  In this clip from our boy ‘The Big Yin’ Billy Connolly, he rejects computer literacy and technology in general, and laments the day when your address was written with a pen on paper, tickets for airlines were assigned manually, and encyclopedias were straight-forward books.

Clearly Connolly comes from a time period when these things did not even exist, and when there was significantly less people, business, and available information out there in the world.  This simply makes me think of how odd it is that children growing up today might not even know what a fountain pen is (let alone how to write their address in cursive with it), have seen a paper seating chart, or heard of Encyclopedia Brittannica.  In fact, I remember how I was floored when I was 17 years old and met a girl my own age and had never learned how to read a non-digital clock. Read the rest of this entry »


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