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“At-Risk” Adolescents: Redefining Literary Competence

Posted by mariamengel on July 19, 2011

image of Literacy Lab door

The Literacy Lab

To be labeled as “At-Risk”, a student will probably show signs of struggling in reading and writing.  According to the traditional definition of literacy, text, and writing, these students are often viewed as inept, lazy, or lacking in intelligence (O’Brien, 2001).

In the article titled “At-Risk Adolescents: Redefining Competence Through the Multiliteracies of Intermediality, Visual Arts, and Representation”, high school reading teacher David O’Brien discusses the various literary projects that his “at-risk” high school juniors have accomplished in their Literacy Lab (pictured above).

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Kuala Lampur HS Multiliteracy Project

Posted by mariamengel on July 8, 2011

In a posting on her blog, a teacher from Malaysia and her sixteen year old students from an inner-city school in Kuala Lumpur use their creative skills to attack a multiliteracy project.  The poem that the students were required to use is titled Monsoon History, by Shirley Lim.

Students combined written text, visual art, music, and sounds to create a their final project.  The students found all of their resources using the internet.  Their mash-ups each included many modes of meaning and literacy.  Although the projects are not perfect, the incredible creativity that came from understanding of the poem and incorporating representations of the culture of Malacca, the authors home, is astounding.  Read the poem and more after the jump…
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